Pierce Green, and RelationshipRx offers:

  • Individual sessions
    • Our work will begin with your goals—a clear picture of what more you want from life, work, dating, or love. We will explore and recognize any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling more satisfaction, joy, and peace in your daily life experience.  By communicating more directly with the unconscious mind we can and will reprogram any unwanted beliefs and thinking patterns that don’t suit your life goals.  Soon, you will begin to notice long preferred experiences happening in your life.  Best of all, the sessions are enjoyable and the tools are easy for you to use right away.
  • Couple or Family sessions
    • The most important take away in couples or family work is improved recognition from both sides of the conflict in terms of how they each have contributed to how the conflict got to where it is in the present. Ownership equals self-empowerment. Therefore, if we co-created a conflict, then we can also co-create a desirable solution.  First we’ll redirect the attention and energy away from blame… and then we’ll move toward the each participant making their own changes in a way that will result in a healthier rebalancing of the relationship for all.
  • Group Presentations
    • After presenting classes and trainings for over ten years there is an abundance of useful information that can be both easily understood and implemented by anyone curious enough to run an experiment in their own life.  Presentations are the means whereby I will dynamically share all of the best tools I’ve learned for your own personal empowerment.

For face-to-face; group; phone;  or Skype rates: contact me directly (sliding scale available upon request).

Contact me to get started!   I accept cash, check, or PayPal at time of service.  I am considered a non-participating provider by insurance companies, though I do offer all of the required information on my receipts for you to be able to file for a partial reimbursement of your session directly from your insurance company.

References available upon request.