A bridge to the ocean of the unconscious

We live on a planet that is composed of 2/3 water.  Our bodies are 2/3 water.  There is much that is concealed by that quantity of water.  Our conscious minds and processes are like those mountain tops disguised as islands which break the surface of the ocean. But the majority of who we are is hidden below the vast ocean in which we exist.

I sometimes see myself as a bridge between worlds. The world of the conscious mind that we mostly occupy and the world of the subconscious mind that in actuality, runs and guides the majority of our decisions and our lives.  The unconscious mind can never fully be understood because of its infinite nature, but it can be tapped for the riches it can and will provide.

It can be a bit overwhelming to move into the depths of the subconscious, and therefore it is wise to have a guide that respects and has become familiar with the journey back and forth between two worlds that, in truth, are only different perspectives of one world.

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